Amazon Island 2

    The 2nd part of an escapade flash game about the Amazon Island. They captured a milky guy tied him carry into the Queen of the Amazons. While you can openly stare at the big fun bags of their curved and the Amazons and yummy butts. To try it, use the mouse and then click interactive catches sight of. Therefore the Queen of the Amazons Tamara starts to speak using the captive. She has aims. Chef Tamara would like to forfeit the hive into propitiate the gods from this island. The sacrifice is going to be from the volcano. One of the buxom Amazons argues with Chef Tamara, but gets a spear. The Queen orders to get ready for the sacrifice. You have to help a person break away from the Amazons. First, pick on a rock with which the string can be broken by you. Switch out in case Chef Tamara is considering you... Let us begin this game and find out how it concludes.
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