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its fun but it take for ever to load

2020-10-13 13:33:23
It's only for cute sex:

Very good game but very slow loading

2020-09-24 20:19:26
Mehedi hasan:

Its very good game

2020-08-03 19:22:17

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I want to download the game

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StudioFOW comes back to activity using all the fresh interactive flash film"The General's Daughter" starring everybody's beloved redheaded assassin! On a simple mission to at a top ranking Demacian officer, Katarina concludes spotting more profitable quarry - a Demacian General. Determined with taking things into her own forearms, she disregards her requests and assassinates the General instead. After all, who can stand against this kind of chance? Little does she know that the officer she let move ended up with a Noxian regiment from the area the very following moment. Noxian High Command wasn't happy and she had been sentenced to insubordination. Katarina's own parent, General Du Couteau, requests her to fall under penalty in the forearms of their perverted Torturemaster of all Noxus. Within this early and vile town, heritage goes ahead of blood... and since a teenaged youthful assassin is going to find out - early Noxian penalties could be tiresome! CREDITS - PATREON SUPPORTERS! Without these men, there's absolutely not any studio! - Snip and Cash for Indices - Primer for allowing us use his own Katarina version (again) - Mayak for design rigging - Ganonmaster for Supply engine conversion - Quakeulf for feel updates - Z0NE for sound scripting and eternal patience - Rorschach for your bigtime coding abilities - Qwert for intercourse jizz anywhere - Mpaws for your good Vorador remix (you currently older Blood Omen gamers can recall this) - Rob King and Steve Baca for your Heroes two combat theme (you are an older bastard should you recall that ) - Cat Guardian Beamwire, for simulating noble citizens - Stonemason and LTR for your Noxus surroundings and eventually violating Gaben with your 4K uncompressed textures - Mr Kristoff for its notion and lore advice Last but not least thank you to the amazing Alexia that supplies the voice of Katarina. She provides another outstanding spectacle, also created this project come to life! KNOWN BUGS: If you remain on the menu for five mins, then the sound is going to soon be stuck on repeat. Obviously, do not dally for this lengthy and select an option , ya doofus!:P

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There aren't many hentai-based games which can be played in 3D but "Whoreizon" is among the top. You are also able to create your own female characters here However, there aren't many games that allow you to do that. The idea is to create the most sexual interactions with the most characters you can. The game will include expansion and rpg-related concepts including a variety of dialogs and options. It's still in the development which means that some features may not be currently available. We'd like to hear your thoughts about what you enjoyed and how we can improve.

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