Robin Quest

    "Robin's Quest" is an arcade game which may look pretty plain at very first but once you'll begin playing it you will briefly realize that it has some actual challenge in it. The objective is plain - hot looking dark-haired nymph has to find her way to an exit point and try to avoid all the traps and dangers that she will. Among these dangers you will see fireballs, flames tentacles and who knows what else. The controls are also going to take some time from you to get used to it so don't surprised if you will get into the very first trap more than one time befor eyou will find the balance between running and pouncing. On the other side even in the event that you will fall into one of those traps you still going to be rewarded with manga porn animation! Yet you will hav eto begin the stage from the very beginning ofcourse.
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  • Added: 2018-10-06
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